Sunday, March 21, 2010

"Tween Seasons"

This time of the year I refer to as "Tween Seasons," for being in between ice fishing-not cold enough anymore-to launch day and soft water fishing; too9 much ice and cold weather hanging around to not make it comfortable.
This last week has spoiled many of us with warm temperatures and sunny days. The weekend brought things back to reality. Cold, wind, rain, and even reports of wet snow were being reported. This week that is all supposed to change and bring us the warm weather the arrival of spring usually ushers in.
While trying to figure out if it's a good time to store the snow blower and hang up the cross country skies, it is a good time to sort the tackle, clean the reels and re- spool line.
Fishing Friday on Lake St. Clair brought that home. My reels look like they have been drug through the mud.
Tackle is all over the garage and not in any sort of order to be grabbed at a moments notice and loaded for a kayak trip.
I'm getting a handle on it though. Think I'll put some "Kayak Fish The Great Lakes" stickers on a couple of trays; sort of designate them for kayak use.
That way I'll have some stuff organized. More specific items for bass, panfish, etc, can go into trays or trays marked for particular lakes so I don't have to search for things.
That's the plan anyway. Oh, I intend on designating a couple of rods just for kayak use. Probably a spin and one baitcast. I've been taking far too many on the water when I go.
After all, you can only fish with so many rods at one time.
The important thing is we're looking at new seasons that include boats, fly rods, and a whole host of tackle.
Let s be ready for it once the weather truly breaks and the seasons are officially here.

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