Thursday, March 25, 2010

Maple sugaring

Besides the backyard cleanup, turning the garden over and listening to the birds sing their precious hearts out, March is the month trees are tapped for maple syrup. The process has a few more steps than just tapping, but this is the month when that all happens and can run into April.
Come to think of it, maple syrup time is weather based like so many other things we assume happen just because it's that time of the year.
Coincidentally, steelhead, a really great fighting fish, are plentiful in the rivers during this same time.
And gathering at river mouths all over are walleye waiting to move in and upstream to spawn. This time of the year is just full of things new. New life, new hope, and of course new maple syrup.
You can check out how sap becomes syrup at Kensington Metropark or Indian Springs Metropark. If you've not been around the process, it's very interesting and makes for a good day outdoors.
This weekend, park the rake and shovel and head to one of the Metroparks for a demonstration on how sap becomes maple syrup. And pass the pancakes while you're at it.

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