Monday, March 29, 2010

Out and about locally

Here in southeast Michigan there is always something to do. With the many park systems-from state parks to Huron-Clinton Metroparks, right down to the well maintained county parks-there is a park and activity to meet every ones needs or desires.
And we haven't even begun to mention all of the lakes with plenty of public access for fishing, pleasure boating, water skiing, sailing, diving, well you name it and you'll find it in Oakland County.
Right now and for the next couple of weeks, Kensington Metropark is the home of maple sugaring.
The park is host to many school groups during this time who come to learn how things were done in the past and in the case of maple syrup, still utilized today.
While being entertained, these groups, even some with adults, are being educated. Perhaps they leave the park with a better understanding of what it takes to make a bottle of syrup and why it's important to be good stewards of the land.
These days we need programs such as this to teach about all forms of conservations, but more importantly respect for the environment we have been given.
Hey, don't forget fishing licenses expire at the end of March.

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