Wednesday, April 7, 2010

No-Mo Kayak Fishing Challenge, Update

This week's column is about the No-Mo Kayak Fishing Challenge set for May 8. Go to for all the pertinent details or call them at 734-285-2925. You can also email Chris LeMessurier at or call him at 248980-6158 for tourney info.
That being said, it was brought to my attention last week that the No-Mo is not the first kayak fishing tournament in the state. There have been other tournaments for kayaks.
I have apologized to Chris Dombrowski owner of The Kayak Store who was thought to have been the site for the first such tournament.
She laughingly informed me earlier in the week that her tournament wasn't the first, and was one for breast cancer research. "I don't even know if this was the first charity tournament," she said.
So, I apologize to those that feel their particular tournament was the first. The words were all mine and written with my limited understanding that there hadn't been any kayak tournaments held in Michigan yet.
In any event, it's the first No-Mo and I encourage any and all of you interested in kayak fishing to come out and give it a try.
In the future, the thinking is to put on other tournaments around the state, and hopefully grow this wonderful sport that is a benefit for paddlers, great activity for families to get involved in, is less expensive than owning a traditional fish boat, good exercise, and is very versatile allowing you to get into water and spots you couldn't with larger water craft.
While you are thinking of kayaks, be sure and get a copy of "Kayak Fishing," by Jon Shein. It's a great book chock full of useful information for the first time kayak owner right on up to the experienced. Hope to see you on the water.

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