Monday, April 19, 2010

Stream etiquette or leave some

Many of you will be heading out in a few days for the annual fly fishing or trout opener. For others, certain designated waters have been designated as "Blue Ribbon" because they are open year round for fly fishing with no bait, along with catch and release.
No kill and artificial baits are no less important than right here in our backyard. Namely Pain Creek and the Clinton River.
While the Huron River around Proud lake gets heavy attention post opener to just afterward, it's draw are the trout planted by the DNR. Because the water is warm on the Huron and not susceptible to supporting trout, a cold water species, anglers are allowed to worm dunk and keep fish after the opener.
But the Paint and Clinton pose other problems. They are small rivers that still depend on plantings of fish.
They receive a lot of pressure because they are close by to a large population. Currently, after this Saturday, Apr. 24 they can be fished with live bait and creel limits are allowed.
I would someday soon, officials would deem it necessary to add these two bodies of water to the "Blue Ribbon" classification.
In the meantime, do your part. If you use live bait, get the hooks out quickly and return the fish to the water.
Those fishing with flies already are aware and should be practicing that drill. The next time you go fishing there will be some left to tease you or if you're lucky, catch.
Scoop em' all up and there won't be anything left.

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