Monday, April 26, 2010

Reflective Trout Opener

This past weekend and the annual trout opener was a tad subdued around Bob Ward's cabin near the banks of the Manistee River.
That was no doubt due to a couple of reasons. First, our group, one that has been together for many years, was missing several stalwart members.
During the past year we lost Mike Caparon and Fred Roeser. Caparon from Midland was active right up until he passed from cancer on the state level with Trout Unlimited.
Roeser, who passed away suddenly was a character in every sense of the word, enjoying himself no matter what he was doing.
The third member, John Long, all ninety some odd years of him, just physically couldn't make the trip anymore. "My legs and hips won't let me," he said joking that "I have fished my share over these years."
While these three were missed they weren't forgotten. References were made to the trio throughout the week.
And Todd Roeser, one of Fred's sons, made the trip not only to be with us, but in a certain, very personal way, be closer to his dad.
Todd and I were suiting up to fish when he showed me a rod that had been under construction for his dad. Learning his dad had died the builder completed it with the admonition that Todd get it.
"Do you think I should use this rod," Todd asked me? "You bet you should. Go out there and catch a trout with it. Your dad will be right there with you all the time," I replied.
Whether Todd caught a trout on it I can't say. But I'm sure his dad was right there on the stream with him.
Memories like these are all good and are part of what keep us coming back year after year.

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