Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Whether (weather) or not

With forecasts for the weather over the next few days being all over the place your best bet is to get out when it's nice and take the spring in.
Whether that means getting the garden ready, or digging the fly tackle out for the opener on Saturday, take advantage of conditions when they are favorable. Or as they say, "Make haste when the sun shines."
At our house we have been doing just that for several weeks now in preparation for our son, daughter-in-law and her mom's arrival this Saturday from Germany.
My son Matt hasn't had a fly rod in his hand in a long time. Now with the volcano eruption in Europe, we both hope it won't be much longer, that they will be able to make their flight and have a safe trip.
To further compound things, yesterday I took a big chunk out of one finger, cutting it nearly to the bone. It's going to make for difficult fly fishing, not to mention typing and the chores I have left to do before heading north.
In any event, it no doubt will all work out. Like I mentioned earlier, take advantage of the weather this weekend when you can and get outside.
I'll give you a report from the Grayling/Frederic area on Friday.

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