Friday, April 29, 2011

High water-Be safe

   From the sounds of it, high water on the AuSable and Manistee Rivers may be the norm for this weekends trout opener.
   The small island in front of Dan and Suzanne Tooman's cabin on the AuSable is underwater. The Tooman's from Novi will still be around for opening weekend festivities.
   Over on the south branch near Roscommon, Bill Semion, who normally avoids the opener due to all of the iffy weather, says the small "peninsula" in front of his cabin may be submerged too.
   Fredric based guide Sam Surre plans on staying at the tying vice because of the high water. "I don't think I'll be fishing this weekend," Surre said.
   Closer to home, if fish Paint Creek or anything else close by, be double careful. A few years back there were some serious-even fatal accidents-on the Clinton due to high water.
   What is normal wading during regular, normal flows, has changed. That bottom you could feel may be very deep now.
   Those logs that you could step over may have disappeared or moved further downstream presenting another obstacle to trip over.
   This is indeed time for the utmost caution. Wading staffs, sure soled wading shoes, doing the shuffle when walking, using a PFD this time of year or maybe a float tube, are all good practices.
   Don't forget to let someone know where you will be and what time you expect to be back. And like always fish with a buddy. It's more important with these kinds of conditions. Good luck and be safe!

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