Friday, September 30, 2011

This fall fish but be careful

Keep a weather eye they say. It's true especially during the fall when winds and seas can combine to make lakes iffy at best to fish.
   A week or so ago, Lucian Gizell and a number of kayakers fished off Glen Arbor in kayaks for salmon. This is Lake Michigan water and subject to some pretty nasty waves.
   "We had one good day to fish and part of another," Gizell said. The weather took a turn and kept smart kayakers on the beach.
   And even if they weren't so smart, there isn't a heck of a lot of paddling one can do with seas coming over the sides and the bow.
   When days get like this, stream fishing or small, inland lakes may be the ticket. If you haven't got you salmon or better still want to learn to fish them in rivers contact Kip Lowrie at Woodland Rivers, You'll get professional guide service, the right flies to use and an education as to how to river fish. Good luck!


  1. Early fall is a great time to catch a Pike or Musky with large glide baits like the Rapala Glide. But sometimes only a spinner will work.

  2. just got back from manistee at the tippy dam.this was the best salmon run i ever seen.caught one 20 pounder after another.this weekend should still be good.