Saturday, June 23, 2012

Angler catches and releases large brown trout

   Fishing the south branch of the AuSable River near Roscommon, fellow writer Bill Semion felt a bump and set the hook.
   Several minutes later and he brought to net a huge brown that was estimated to be three inches across, between it's eyes.
   "I don't know exactly how big it was but would guess it was in the 24-25 inch range," Semion said. To prove the catch, he has pictures of the fish along with an eye witness to it's size.
   Fishing a version of the hex bug, a very large fly, Semion says there were other big fish about this night as well as other nights.
   "Anglers have to be sure where the hex are because they constantly are on the move downstream.
If you plan on fishing the hex hatch, you can't beat local information as to where the hatch has been occurring.
   Check out Gates AuSable Lodge or the Old AuSable Fly Shop.

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