Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Record flathead catfish-something to aim for

   The recent news about the nearly 50-pound flathead catfish being caught on the St. Joseph River near Berrien Springs, no doubt will bring out the trophy anglers.
   Fishing for catfish-whether going for a record or just some action-can be both a blast as well as relaxing. That's because once you are baited up and have set your line, it's nothing more than wait around for the action to begin.
   A large, long-shanked hook tipped with a gob of nightcrawler is about all you need on the business end. Cast that offering out and let it sit on the bottom. Set your rod or pole in a holder or, if  you choose, hold it.
   In the meantime, grab a chair then sit back and wait for something to come along and pick your bait up off the bottom.
   Might be a carp, bullhead or catfish. In any event, it's a good way to spend the evening without taking the whole tackle box out on the lake. And you don't need a boat and motor to connect.
   Some of the best action takes place when bank or pier anglers hook up.
So, forget about record size fish and just get out and enjoy wetting a line!

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