Friday, June 15, 2012

Ligjht and compact the way to go

   This Sunday's column is about ultra light equipment that has been the rage of outdoors people from anglers to zoologists.
   Backpackers probably led the way by demanding more functional gear at less weight. Anglers too have gotten the bug to utilize lighter rods, tackle and line in the pursuit of game fish from blue gills to larger ocean going fish.
   When it come to a lighter load when fishing consider your first move by leaving all that tackle at home.
   Instead of hauling a tackle bag or box use that vest you normally use for stream fishing. Better still, purchase a newer one with floatation along with pockets to hold enough tackle for a day or longer on the water.
   If you have a fly rod put a spinning reel and mono on it for flinging popping bogs chasing blue gills. This method is great over weeds-gives you a longer reach with the rod length-and anything no matter the size that hits will put a bend in your rod.
   Try ultralight. It adds another dimension to whatever you door outdoors.

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