Friday, June 8, 2012

Melt away stress with a fish in pole

    No, fishing isn't the cure for everything. However, because it's a relatively calming activity, it can play a part in producing a calming atmosphere.
    My guess is that it's not the activity of fishing so much as it is being on or around water. For some reason, water has a calming effect on many of us.
    Whether it's moving water like a river or a stream, a lake with waves crashing, or a smaller body of water like a pond, just being around it is calming.
   Moving water, especially water that if flowing over or around obstacles like rocks or woody debris creates it's own special sound. If one is stream side and remains quiet, these sounds creep in and before you know it, you've been transported to another world.
   I've known at least one veteran of the Viet Nam war who turned to fishing following a particularly rough tour as a member of the famed River Rats.
   Stress or life's fast pace getting to you? Park yourself alongside one of the many lakes in the area and relax. It's worth a try.

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