Thursday, June 21, 2012

Large trout like large flies

   This is the best time to catch those large known to give anglers using the long wand-fly rod- a good battle.
   The saying about big fighting fish like steelhead and in this case, browns, bookies and rainbows is that they have "shoulders." That is a tribute to fighting fish anywhere.
   June is the month for a large bug called the Michigan Mayfly. But it's best known for an abbreviated name; hex.
   Hex stands for hexigenia limbata, formal name for this insect that is fished at night. Anglers sit or stand on the banks of both the AuSable and Manistee Rivers, in the early evening, listening and watching for the signs of feeding fish.
   They mark the spots they see or hear fish mentally in hopes of casting a hex bug very near or exactly to the spot where feeding fish have been observed.
   My best was a 25-inch rainbow fishing on the AuSable below Stephan Bridge Road. A typical fishing night, he sky was full of stars but down on the water it was nearly pitch black.
   Moving slowly and as quietly as possible, I headed downstream. Pausing to look and listen, I heard then saw several big trout feeding across from me.
   Two or three casts later and I hooked into the fish of a lifetime. See Saturday's blog for another huge trout hooked near Roscommon last week and read my Sunday column about hex fishing.

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