Friday, September 14, 2012

Fall brings activities galore

   You don't have to hunt or fish to enjoy all that fall has to offer. For openers, your favorite cider mill is busy frying donuts to eat with a glass of cider. Despite a shortage of apples this year, you can bet cider will be available.
   You gardeners will want to start getting the ground in order for next year's planting. That may mean; as in my case, digging weeds that have gone on far too long.
   Chew the ground up or till it to loosen it in preparation for adding compost, manure or a combination of both.
   Some gardeners plant annual rye in the fall, tilling it under in the spring. It helps add nutrients to the soil and is a benefit in keeping the ground loose.
   A lot of transplanting can be done this time of the year. Perennials that have grown to large can be separated and re-planted.
   Give shrubbery a trimming. When all of the clipping and moving of plants is done, clean up the leftover debris disposing of it in the compost or some other approved method.
  Ponds and water features need to be winterized. I like to clean things up before putting them away so they are ready to go next spring.
   If you have some spare time, take a drive to one of the nearby state, county or Metroparks for a day hiking, or getting in one last picnic before the cold sets in.
   Fall is a great time to be outside. Make the most of it.

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