Monday, September 3, 2012

Thumbfest - Huge success

   I spent all day outside. I wasn't camping, fishing, hiking or kayaking. However, I did enough walking at Thumbfest to qualify for training in preparation for the Appalachian Trail.
   Thumbfest is a yearly, Labor Day weekend celebration of folk music and the many groups and individuals that bring it to us. Presented by the Blue Water Folk Society the event was a success from the beautiful weather, to the crowds attending, and the people performing.
    The event takes place in Lexington, a small town just north of Port Huron, on the shores of Lake Huron.
   There is one problem for attendees. That's in the selection of which performers they want to see. The Saturday schedule is absolutely loaded with entertainment from 10a.m. straight through until 6p.m.
   Toss in jam sessions and workshops and you have a full day. My wife and I would leave toward then end of one performance to the next and find a seat. Sometimes it was a scramble.
   The best kept secret about Thumbfest is there is no charge. It's free. Festival organizers pass a bucket for donations to defray costs but that's the only time you'll reach in your pocket unless you are buying a commemorative T-shirt, paying for food, or performers cd's.
   Thanks to all those volunteers that work all day and half the night setting up and tearing down, and to the performers who play because of their love for folk music.
   Mark your calendars for next year. You'll definitely want to attend and hear all the talented musicians from the area.

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