Monday, September 17, 2012

Lack of food sources put young deer at risk

   More and more young deer, many still in spots are being reported in and around Oakland County. Some without spots are terribly thin for this time of the year. When deer should be putting on the feed bag in preparation for the upcoming winter they are finding pickings are thin.
   Forget apples. In fact the deer that normally frequent small stands of apples aren't giving them another look focusing instead on other browse.
   While in Glen Arbor last week I did notice that the acorn crop seemed to be in good supply which is a needed plus for deer as it's one of their main dietary choices.
   If deer can't find eats in the wild, they surely will take advantage of those vegetable and flower gardens we like to plant. Certain types of shrubbery come in for part of the deer diet too.
   If you are out and about on a fall walk, take a look around you for deer sign. Particularly tracks or droppings.
   I hope to be in the woods this next week for a close up look see of a couple areas I plan on hunting. Stay tuned.

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