Sunday, September 30, 2012

Hunting Brit syle

I'm not sure what the style for hunting is in the U.K. Or for that matter, exactly what they hunt. I've heard there is some limited deer hunting.
   I think fox hunting may still be around but not as popular as it once seemed to be. Fishing a river in the beautiful Dales country, really made famous by the stories of veterinarian, James Harriott, I saw more cock pheasants than I thought existed.
   They sat on fence rails, waddled through the grass in barnyards, and generally put up a squawk wherever we walked on our way to the river.
   Nearby Huddersfield, in Yorkshire, I hear shooting nearby and am told that it's all on a private hunting persevere.
   Some have said it's shooting similar to our sporting clays or five stand. I'll try and get a closer look to see what all the shooting is about.

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