Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Upland bird hunting, coming soon

   Upland bird hunting-pheasants, ruffed grouse and woodcock-fall into that category will be here soon. Woodcock season is from September 24-November 7. The ruffed grouse season has two seasons; September 15-November 14 and December 1-January 1.
   Check the DNR website at for pheasant seasons. It's also a good place to read and here upland game specialist Al Stewart discuss the new pheasant initiative that is on-going.
   Where should you bird hunt? Well, on your fall drive to the cider mill or north to see the colors, keep an eye peeled for young stands of poplars.
   Woodcock and grouse really like the thick stuff that look like even a hunting dog can get through not to mention a hunter with a shotgun.
   You'll work for these birds. And the flushes are spectacular. Many are of the in your face variety that can catch even the seasoned hunter unawares causing shots not to be fired or completely missed.
   And woodcock won't flush to give you a shot. Wary birds, they tend to fly right into the thick stuff so shots need to be quick and accurate.
   I should know. In the years that I have hunted woodcock, I can probably count on one hand the number I've taken.
   Being in the field and getting those shots is the best training. Miss too many and the dog you hunt over may turned around and look at you as if to say, "You didn't miss again, did you?"

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  1. That sounds exciting. I'd be down for some Pheasant or Duck hunting for sure.