Saturday, August 3, 2013

Finally, great news!

   Yesterday, Friday, was the date of my appointment with my urologist at University of Michigan. She had examined me several months ago and prescribed a weekly session of chemo therapy.
   Once the chemo was completed, about three weeks ago, I had an appointment with her once again for a re-check.
   With ought going into a lot of details, these checks are kind of exciting to put it mildly. There is no medication given to make it easier, it's just done.
   Anyway, when completed doctor looked at me and said there is no evidence of cancer. The next part of the treatment is to keep an eye on it by going for the same exam once every three months for two years, then twice a year for six two years.
   This is a tremendous load off my mind and my families. I'm still living in a fog, wondering if this is really true.
   I'm also grateful for all of the prayers and thoughts from all of you. Thanks so much. They made me want to get out of the bed on the mornings I didn't feel like and move around a bit.

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