Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Apologies for any health-realted information concerning my situation

   My apologies to all who have sent messages of concern to me. I'm fine-got a cancer free report last Friday.
   From here on out I see my doctor every three months for two years, then twice a year for two years. Once you have bladder cancer, it can return. That's the reason for so much follow up. They want to catch it early so it can be handled with the least amount of trauma to your system. i.e. instead of doing a course of chemo, if let alone to grow, other complications could set in, like the cancer spreading through the bladder wall and into other important organs. This would require surgery along with higher doses of chemo and maybe radiation.
   The point I was trying to make is that in your personal life, should you get a report from a doctor that is potentially serious, take a moment to think about it and discuss it with those around you.
   Then, you may want to get that second opinion, just sort of a back up or a consensus that the first doctor was on the right path.
   While I was hesitate to get another opinion the doctor himself told me that it was not uncommon for patients to seek another opinion and that it didn't bother them insofar as feeling it was a challenge to their ability.
   So, if I mislead anyone, I'm sorry. For an old guy I'm otherwise doing well. With two knee replacements and no rotator cuff in one shoulder I'm still managing to attend cross fit classes 3-4 times a week, fish, hunt, and kayak. I've just slowed down some.
   Hang in there and at the first sign of something different going on in your body seek medical help and advice...then depending on what that something is, think about another opinion.


  1. Know the feeling, especially when the doctor tells you at the 1st appointment that it is common for your cancer likes to back bite you later. But 10 years later still clean

  2. It's OK to vent your feelings and health issues here with us. I am an old guy too and it is good to talk about stuff bothering us. I just wish I could get up out of my one man canoe.