Friday, August 30, 2013

Hunters safety course required

It goes without saying but here it is, right out of the Hunting Digest that all persons born after January 1, 1960 are required to take a hunter safety course and complete it successfully in order to purchase a hunting license.
It's hard for some to believe but fall hunting seasons are almost here. Soon, you'll notice a lot of hunters orange-clad people in the fields and woods here in Oakland County open to hunting.
As I write in this Sunday's column hunting and the right to do it are similar to operating a car. Both require some class time and successful completion of a safety course to be able to apply for a license.
Both of these activities can be fun, educational and interesting if used and operated properly.
However, careless use of a firearm or motor vehicle can result in severe injury and even death. Both activities done safely are rewarding.
Getting advice from dad's and other hunters is often valuable. But a course taught by certified instructors is the best way to be sure you learn and understand what is involved while hunting.
When it comes time for you to put that hunters orange on, take a firearm and head into the woods you'll know you're doing it in a safe manner.

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