Friday, August 23, 2013

Exotics-what's next?

   There are so many exotics in both the water as well as on the land, the names and types are difficult to remember.
   Gobies and zebra mussels were thought to ruin fishing, especially in the Great Lakes. Now it appears that Gobies have cleaned up the water and are bait for some fish.
   Zebra mussels-in my opinion-have no value that I know of. They are a pain to deal with by either attaching themselves to your line, or latching on to a lure, especially something fished on or near the bottom.
   Now comes the Asian Carp. It looks like this one like the others previously mentioned, will be with us for some time.
   Opinions differ as to whether they have set up house keeping in the Great Lakes. No one seems to have  a solid solution as to how to deal with them.
   There are all kinds of weeds that live and grow in and about the water that have no value. Some were brought here from other countries originally to deal with insects that had become a nuisance. Instead of curing the problem, they have added to it.
   All of these imported plants and fish are prolific. They like it here in the U.S. Our weather and water conditions don't seem to have any effect on them.
   Those tall reed-like stems you see growing near water aren't cattails. Rather a breed of plant called phragmities that reproduce rapidly.
   The Eurasian water milfoil is a plant that can grow so extensively in a lake, the surface resembles carpeting.
   Purple loosetrife is another import that has gained a giant foothold. Many of these invasive plants require actually pulling them out of the ground to get rid of them.
   The DNR holds several work weekends in it's parks throughout the year for the purpose of eliminating these plants.
   It's probably just a matter of time before a sea-going ship pumps ballast water from it's bilges that contain the next exotic.
   Or someone on vacation in another country brings back a plant that seems pretty but once here becomes a nuisance and  menace.

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