Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Deer abundant in Germany

We are in Germany near Stuttgart, in a small farming village where out son Matt and his wife Petra live. We're surrounded by fields of rape, standing corn, vineyards of grapes, and orchards once full of peaches and plums.
Now, many of these orchards have loads of apples on trees resembling a cross between a full grown apple tree and a dwarf.
Planted just a few feet apart, these straight, almost surveyor laid out rows of trees are seen nearly everywhere we go.
Grapes are just as abundant, hanging in hugs bunches from vines waiting to be hand picked. Vineyards are mostly grown up and down on steep slopes around here making picking backbreaking work.
My son sometimes rides his bike to work in Stuttgart. When he leaves home it's still dark. Up on the hill known as the Lemberg around here-where you can see clear to Stuttgart and beyond- he'll often see different herd of deer, silently feeding.
"Being on a bike and riding by doesn't seem to bother the deer," Matt said. "They go right on feeding." Just like ours back home. Very nocturnal.
But for some reason, we don't see the normal damage to trees and vines that are frequent in the U.S. due to deer grazing.
I'm sure they are in the orchards around here as well. We just haven't heard the complaints or seen the resulting damage.
Grapes from steep hillside in Affalterbach, Germany.

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