Thursday, October 10, 2013

Travel continues

Trying to keep with the the Tigers and occasionally the Lions has been a shade difficult while travelling out of the country.
"Iffy" internet connections, general travel and sightseeing, all see to add to the mix of trying to keep with what is happening back home. Thanks to emails, even FB, and the internet, when I do have the time and the right connections, staying somewhat in step with Oakland Press readers is a little easier.
One travel experience we didn't figure on was missing a flight from London/Heathrow. That's a huge airport.
Thanks to the British Airways folks, we were put up in a nice airport hotel, given meal vouchers, and promptly escorted the following morning to our gate.
But this time weather was a factor. Heathrow was fogged in. We were nearly three hours late departing
for Germany.
A day or two taking it easy has put us back on track. But the weather here has shifted, becoming colder and rainy.
We'll try to get out in a day or two for some local sightseeing and meeting up with friends we have made over here.
In the meantime, have a safe fall hunting and fishing season. This is a great time of the year to be on the water or outdoors in any respect.

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