Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Shooting and fall sports

We hear the sounds of shotguns being fired near where we are staying in the UK. Apparently, there is a hunt club with a range near here. I hope to visit it before we leave here Sunday.
Usually the ranges in and around Oakland County see a spike in visitors this time of the year as hunters get a little practice in and do some sighting in before the Nov. 15 firearms deer opener.
If you haven't seen your gun since you put it away after last season, at least get it out of it's case and see that it's cleaned, well-oiled, and most important, not loaded.
Run a cleaning rod down the barrel and give everything a light coat of oil. And by all means, spend some time firing your gun prior to going into the woods or field.
Shoot safe, know what your target is and what is behind it. Don't be in a hurry to get that shot off. After all, this is just practice and the time for you to gain some shooting experience since last year.

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