Saturday, October 5, 2013

Kevin McCrory, helped bring access to the outdoors

Kevin McCrory passed away this passed July at home, surrounded by his family. Many readers might be wondering who was McCory and why bother to mention him.
Kevin was very much instrumental in helping establish awareness of conditions in the outdoors that would make fishing, hunting, hiking, camping and other activities, possible for the entire population to participate in.
We served together on the board of Outdoors Forever, a group dedicated to making the outdoors accessible to everyone.
In those days, I think it really served as a sort of springboard to make people in general aware of the problems disabled people had when pursuing activities outdoors.
Tim Pifher and Kevin had a term for able-bodied people calling them TAB's for temporarily able bodied people.
"We're all going to be disabled some day," one or the other would say. They were referring to people, well like me, who has both knees replaced, a cardiac stent placed, cataract surgery, and loss of strength in one should due to losing a rotator cuff. I've joined the group that is fortunate to have some of these programs in place largely due to people like Kevin and Tim.
Kevin was a large man, into doing larger things to benefit the public in a variety of ways. He was a very giving person with his time, ideas and ingenuity.
Along with the late Roger McCarville, Kevin will be missed not only by their families but as we all age, by the public in general.
Read more about Kevin McCory in this Sunday's Oakland Press.

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