Friday, October 25, 2013

Tree stand safety; important when hunting off the ground

If you plan on hunting from a tree stand be sure you're hunting safe. That begins with a good quality harness.
It's extremely important to wear a harness at all times, when climbing either up, down or engaged in hanging steps or the stand itself. And by all means, were your harness when you are in the stand.
Once you have worn a good quality harness you'll hardly know it's there. And should you have an accident, you'll be able to safely recover without hitting the ground.
Harnesses are designed to keep you from making contact with the ground. Good ones keep you in an upright position allowing you to get back on the stand or onto the steps.
Remember to search out a live tree to hunt from. Once you locate the tree you're going to use, consider the height you'll want to hang the stand from.
Many hunters stay about 15 feet off the ground. Many others don't go as high. But there are still a few that think higher is better, going to loftier heights when they don't need to.
Finally, keep your arrows and the heads in a quiver that offers protection from those razor-sharp points.
Hunters have been known to fall on exposed broad heads causing serious injury.
Leave your bow and other items on the ground tied to a rope. Once you get into the stand and are secure, you'll be able to haul everything up safely.
Harnesses are available in a variety of sizes, colors, styles and prices. Visit cabala' or bass for more information. Read my column in this Sunday's Oakland Press sports section about tree stand safety.

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