Monday, December 2, 2013

Reader prefers gamey venison

In response to Sunday's column about Michigan Venison Company headquartered out of Traverse City, Don Sargent wrote that he preferred venison taken from the northern regions of the state due to it's taste.
"Contrary to "not gamey at all", I still crave that piny taste of "up-north venison".
I suspect that the gamey taste of venison comes from a deer being hung up in deer camp for too long in weather that is too warm.
I have killed many downstate deer and even when processed in a timely manner, they do not taste as good to me as those good old "up-north deer". Soy beans, corn and other crops do not make venison taste good to me at all.
Of course that is just my opinion, but if you want to enjoy venison, you have to take it from an area where the deer's diet  makes it taste good to you.
I have been reading your column in the Royal Oak Daily Tribune from the very beginning. You tend to tell it like it is and that is very refreshing to me.
Thanks for reading and taking the time to write, Don. I've found when the topic of eating wild game comes up, many people shun venison because of what they describe as a gamey taste.
You may have hit on something. The deer I have taken in the north that have fed on corn, beans and the like have been tough and didn't have the same flavor as those taken closer to home. Diet could very well be the answer.

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