Monday, December 9, 2013

First ice-beware

Experienced talk about first and last ice. Hearing them explain the catches they get, one would think if you fish the first and last part of the year, the fish are in the freezer. That's not quite right.
Where are those fish in between those times? Hibernating, laying low for warmer weather, looking for mates?
None of the above. They are still there somewhere in the lake you're fishing. You just have to find them.
A quick aside. I used to fish first ice with Al Demming of Bayport. We would take small pieces of plywood and toss them out of the ice to hold us up much like cement finishers do to even out their weight over fresh cement so they don't leave an impression.
Yes, for some reason the feed bay is on during this time but to what danger? It doesn't take much and through you go.
As I am getting a little longer in the tooth now, i don't fish those two times. In fact, this year i may add a life vest to my gear just for a little more safety.
Once you fall through the ice, it's a little late to reach for a pfd. Be safe on the ice. I've it a chance to thicken up even though we've had some cold weather causing skim ice. It's said no ice is safe ice. This is particularly true at the moment.

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