Friday, December 6, 2013

Lessons learned deer huntingm

Probably the most important and common lesson is that deer are never where you expect them. If you see them during the day feeding at one location, don't count on them being there later that day.That said, deer have been taken from the same spot several times over many years. Go figure.
That nice big eight point isn't going to walk out of the woods right up to your blind and give you a clear shot.
However, that same deer may walk out in the open as if to say where's everyone at, presenting a great shot.
Expect the unexpected. While you are making noise getting settled, setting your chair up, figuring where you will lay your gun, digging out a couple of snacks and the book you intend to read to help you better sit still, a whitetail may just walk in when you least expect it.
Last week I went hunting. That is to say I found a place to pull off in the Mason Tract near Roscommon, got my stuff and headed into the woods.
There was no sign any deer had been in the area in a long time. Still, the excitement built. I continued walking, looking for sign while at the same time trying to find a place to use as a blind. Once settled, I didn't even load my 20 gauge, rather left it on my lap and enjoyed the sounds of the nature and the scenery.
Give it a try sometime. It's a great way to relax and successful doesn't always mean shooting something.

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