Thursday, December 26, 2013

Hats off to hard working Edison linemen

Like many others, we lost power last Saturday. Thanks to a newer, hard-working generator, we were in pretty decent shape. Most everything electrical we needed to run was humming along.
About 26 hours later the power was restored, the generator turned off and the necessary switches flipped to get us back on line.
At a party Monday afternoon we learned one of our good friends was still without power since the ice hit Saturday.
Thinking we were out of the woods so to speak, we offered the use of our generator. A couple of hours later, the generator that had been heating our home was making his comfortable.
Christmas was comfortable, everyone slept well, then it was off to grandma's for the annual family dinner.
In the meantime, at 2a.m. this morning, a pole at the rear of our home caught fire twice, then we heard a loud explosion and you can guess the rest.
The power line from pole to house in our neighbors yard is almost on the ground. Most, if not all of the street is dark.
As I was cleaning the drive I saw a an Edison truck approaching. I waved him down and told him what had happened and the low wire. He said he would take care of making a report then went on to say they couldn't work down the road as trees and limbs were lying on wires.
"We'll" need tree trimmers in here first," he said. "I think we might get this end by this evening," he added.
As he drove off he was followed for five more large Edison trucks. Sometime later with my generator returned and running, a neighbor called to inform us the lights were back on.
Hats off to linemen that have been working 16-plus hours since this all began.
You don't miss the niceties of power until you don't have it.

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