Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas

I hope it will be a good, warm one for all of you that still remain without power. Anytime the power goes out isn't good but especially this time of the year.
Hats off to all the linemen who work all day and well into the night to get things back in order. I don't understand, how in the wind and rain, not to mention trees and limbs hanging over high voltage lines, they are still able to do such a great job.
I've heard from many friends, both outdoor writer people and others that are really trying to make the best of a trying situation.
In times like these, it brings families closer. People gather around fireplaces for warmth, light the Coleman's or clamp on a visor-type flashlight, and try to carry on as best they can.
And because Christmas comes once a year, and this year's seems to be, well particularly special due to the circumstances we find ourselves in, it's important to take a least a moment to remember when the holiday is celebrated.
Many of us go to church once a year-a hold day of obligation-twice if you include Easter. This year especially would pause to give thanks for all we do have and our families that have been able to gather close. Merry Christmas.

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  1. Well said sir. Merry Christmas