Friday, November 26, 2010

Fishing during deer season? You bet!

Be smart like a fox. If deer season is over for you or the opener didn't live up to your expectations, try fishing.
That's right, fishing. This is a great time to hit the lakes. There's little, verylittle or no boat traffic. Usually the jet skis have been put up and those hotshots in high-speed boats have retired them for the winter.
The lakes are yours to enjoy. And what's more, many people are still in the woods trying to bag a buck, chase squirrels, or get a shot at a rabbit.
There's no need for new equipment; you probably have everything you need to catch fish already. You don't even need any new license. The current year is still good through the end of March.
Just slow things up. Make presentations more slow and deliberate. Experiment with different baits. Some favor small stuff because fish may be lethargic while others swear by big baits as fish are putting the feed bag on for the winter.
In either case, the water is all yours. Get out and enjoy it. Give those deer a rest until next season.

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  1. Truer words were never spoken. Get out there before the water gets hard. Fish bite great at first ice on smaller baits fished really slow.