Monday, November 1, 2010

Counting down

For many, the days are being counted down toward the November 15 annual statewide firearms opener.
Business at sporting goods stores, as well as catalogue orders no doubt are increasing as we get closer to that time when hunters typically are in the woods.
There is still the unanswered question as to whether there will be enough snow for good tracking.
With the white stuff predicted that will be anyone's guess until the time it actually happens. In past years, I've hunted in practically my shirtsleeves, while other years, it snowed so hard you could hardly see the end of the the shotgun barrel. And there were those years of heavy rain as well.
Proper clothing to withstand wind, rain, cold, or snow are a must these days if you plan on sitting for any length of time. That's what deer hunting is about, sitting for hours with absolutely nothing going on.
It takes a certain type of person to be able to do that. For me, it's sometimes a little like ice fishing.
If there isn't anything biting fairly soon, I like to be on the move to another spot. The same is true taking a deer stand.
I'm good for a little bit, then the fidgets set in. Deer, like turkeys, can spot what we think are subtle moves from a ways off.
I've taken a few deer but thanks to my inability to sit still, I've probably missed more chances than I even know about.
How do you sit still for hours? One way is to take a good book along with you and read. That's exactly how I shot my first buck.
Read about it and deer camp in this Sunday's Outdoors section.

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