Monday, November 8, 2010

Weather; it's something we have no control over

With the way the weather has been in southern Michigan, the chance of snow for the deer opener seems to falling between slim and none with none coming out on top.
It could be another very unseasonably warm time to be in the woods trying to hunt whitetails. By and large, hunters prefer it cold, with a good covering of snow.
Tracking snow it's called. If you don't drop a deer practically where you shoot it, you could be in for some tracking, hence the name.
Tracking deer through fallen leaves, swamps, across running water, over logs and branches, can be difficult. It takes a sharp eye to follow these sorts of trails.
Stories of deer that have been shot but not recovered are common. For me, there isn't any excuse to shoot and not find a deer that you have hit.
First, if it's that kind of shot; one that doesn't look really clean, don't take it. It's not fair to the animal.
Any shot you take should be one that you are fully confident in making. Success means you should be dragging a deer out you took a shot at.
And please pass on those running shots. Especially those with deer running away. They hardly ever work out successfully.
Remember to be absolutely, one hundred percent sure of your target and what is beyond it. Slugs and rifle rounds travel great distances even after hitting something.
Be sure. Be safe.

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