Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Whitetail Hunters; Be Safe Through any Season

It's not just the deer firearms opener coming up November 15 that hunters need to think safety while in the woods.
Any season-small game, upland bird, waterfowl, bow-require each of us to practice hunting in a safe manner.
It's not just about the hunt and taking game, but it includes the entire outdoor experience. And along with that experience goes safety and hunting responsibly.
The following are suggestions to make your hunt as safe as possible:
Always treat firearms as if they are loaded, keep muzzles pointed in a safe direction, remember to unload your gun before leaving the woods, know your target and what lies beyond it, wear plenty of hunters orange, be safe climbing into and out of tree stands, hunt with a buddy, and always let someone know where you intend to hunt and what time you expect to return.
Remember the old rule of crossing fences or other obstructions. Unload your gun before passing it over either to another hunter or lying it on the ground on the other side to prevent it from falling, before climbing over or under that fence.
It takes but a moment to reload and be on your way. And if you are going into or out of the woods during reduced light hours, carry a flashlight and turn it on.
Too many hunters still shoot at sounds instead of identifying what is making that sound.
It's important to you and those around you that practicing safety is the first thing on your mind when you park the car, slam the trunk lid and begin walking into the woods.
Safety. Think it, live it, and hunt with it.

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