Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving eve

No doubt kitchens in the U.S. are beginning to get a hard workout in preparation for Thanksgiving Day dinner.
Here, in the U.K. it will be just another day. The closest holiday talk over here is the latest news about the Royals wedding. That of William and Kate. The date-April 29, also the date of my wife's birthday-will be a holiday across the U.K.
Last week, on one of the talk shows, there was some discussion about the American Thanksgiving. Much of it seemed to downplay the celebration and it's meaning.
The average Brit has no clue as to what and why we celebrate the day and the traditions that go on year after year.
Like the Detroit Lions and their annual Thanksgiving Day football game. Too bad it's a national broadcast, because more often than not, it's been a national-certainly local-disgrace.
Winter is making her first appearance in the form of cold weather and the possibility of snow later in the week.
We will have a traditional dinner this Saturday with relatives. We will be thankful for our new grandson, Ewan James, our family, and our son Mark who just arrived from his teaching post in South Korea.
Have a safe, happy Thanksgiving and remember to set aside some time to be truly thankful for all we have and enjoy.

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