Friday, November 5, 2010

Snow or not, hunters will make do

Whether there is snow enough for tracking for the November 15 firearms deer opener is anyone's guess.
The number of hunters that will be in the woods is another big guess. Traditionally, the first few days of deer hunting are usually the best for hunters because there are more hunters in the woods which translates into moving deer around.
And once deer are on the move, there is a pretty good chance they could come through an area where a hunter is sitting.
But this year, with the opener being on a Monday, and an economy that is pretty tough at the moment along with high unemployment, this could be a season that goes down as one of the least amount of hunters participating, which would definitely change the numbers in the wrong direction for the deer herd.
Still, in years past when money has been tight, hunters-certainly the dedicated ones-have saved their money for this one time of the year and made a season out of it.
Like the weather, we'll have to wait and see.

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