Monday, June 27, 2011

   "Fishing should be a sporting activity and not a contest to see who can catch the most fish in the allotted time with larger penalties for dead fish. The law states "so many #of fish in your possession", not how many in your live well or stringer. Soon some species will go the way of the Buffalo. "
   That was a comment received relating to Friday's Blog about the possibility of re-stocking Grayling in a lake.
   Grayling, at one time were abundant. So much so that apparently anglers took them in a "wholesale manner." That is to say they caught them, then threw many up on the river bank where they eventually died.
   Yes, fish could go the way of the buffalo if anglers are left to police themselves. I think the majority of us are responsible, conscientious sports people.
   But like anything else, it's the few in the crowd that spoil it for the rest. You have to ask yourself, who in the world can use a freezer full of fish fillets?
   The same is true with several deer all cut up and processed. When is enough, enough? We complain about rules and regulations; laws that are put in place.
   Some feel laws are enacted just to take away our fun especially in the pursuit of outdoor activities. But without some sort of controls, we would be remembering fish from photos and stories told to us by others that were fortunate to experience fishing when there was something to catch.

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