Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Kayak fishing catching on around Great Lakes

   Fishing from kayaks seems to be taking hold just about any place you go in the state. That's good news for those trying to grow the sport.
  Last weekend I was at Frank's Outdoors in Linwood for their annual kayak demo day. Retailers typically set aside days during the paddling season to allow customers to test paddle kayaks.
   With a pond located at the rear of Frank's, potential kayak owners have a great opportunity to paddle a wide variety of boats-from sit-on-tops to sea or touring boats.
   I attended to show off a new Hobie Mirage Sport all decked out with my fishing gear. Coming in at just under ten feet and 45 pounds, it makes for an easy load and unload if you are by yourself.
   Seeing one of these boats out of the water-the Hobie in particular with it's pedal drive- prompts all sorts of questions not only about fishing but stability, how the pedal drive works and how rugged the boat itself is.
   It's also a good time for potential anglers to see how fishing kayaks are rigged and to ask questions. In just a few short years comments upon seeing a rigged sit-on-top (SOT) have gone from "I didn't know you could fish from one of those" to "That's what I'm looking for."
   If you hear of a kayak demo day in your area and are interested in kayaking, get out and give them a paddle.
   First, it remains the best way to see what fits you, and second it gives you a chance to see if you might like to take it further and fish from one of these boats. Have fun!

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