Friday, June 24, 2011

Grayling returning-stay tuned

   A couple of recent reports about stocking the extinct Grayling, once found in abundance around the northern city named for this fish have recently been received.
   Present information seems to indicate a lone individual is introducing the Grayling into a lake. We'll follow up and see what the story is about.
   It's too bad that this once abundant gamefish has gone the way of other species. In this case it apparently was fished out.
   Reports of river boats overloaded with hundreds of fish are told. There have also been reports of large catches being summarily thrown away. Such a waste.
   We have nearly experienced that in more modern times with various species of trout, walleye, bass and other fish species.
   For some reason, man, by his very nature is a greedy soul, never really happy with what he has. One or two of anything is never enough.
   Deer are one example. One in the freezer isn't enough. Some need to stack several deer carcass' in there like cord wood.
   Walleye is another example. The legal limit is five in possession. For some reason anglers and even charter boat operators find it acceptable to take a limit into the shore, leave it, then return for another limit.
   If everyone that fishes walleye did that how long would the species last? We may find restrictions coming down the way along the lines of bass and trout.
  Fishing with artificial bait only, catch and release-well you get the picture. Stay tuned for the Grayling story.

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  1. Fishing should be a sporting activity and not a contest to see who can catch the most fish in the alloted time with larger penalties for dead fish. The law states "so many #of fish in your possession", not how many in your live well or stringer. Soon some species will go the way of the Buffalo.