Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Stranger at the feeder

   "I saw a strange bird at the feeder today," my wife said. She described it as quite large, with black, white and red coloring.
   My guess was some variety of woodpecker. However, this stranger hung on the sunflower feeders eating seeds and didn't seem to be interested in any pecking on the suet feeder the way woodpeckers do.
   A check of the bird book identified this new arrival as a male,Rose-breasted grosbeak. He is black and white with a rose colored triangle on his breast.
   These birds will come to sunflower feeders. They like to forage in trees for insects, seeds and fruits. They prefer small trees and shrubs along parks and gardens to set up home.
   At inches tall and a wingspan of 12 and a half inches they are a fairly sizable bird. Females are dark brown with white underparts, streaked similar to a sparrow.
   If you are feeding birds, keep a sharp eye out. You never know what new bird might show up.

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