Thursday, June 2, 2011

Free Fishing Weekend-give it a try

   The yearly Free Fishing Weekend is set for June 11-12. A fishing license isn't required for residents and non-residents. All other rules and regulations apply.
   Free Fishing Weekend has become quite popular and now is held in almost every state. In Michigan, the event is held twice yearly. The next time will be over the winter to allow people to try ice fishing.
   If you've never fished but wanted to give it a try, borrow some gear from a friend, neighbor or relative, get a little instruction and get fishing.
   In fact, through the simple act of borrowing gear, you might get an invite to go along with the angler you are borrowing equipment from.  By nature, anglers are gregarious; helpful and willing to show newcomers how to get started.
   This is an inexpensive way to see if you like fishing. Anglers that purchase a basic license and want to give trout fishing a try can do so without the purchase of a trout stamp.
   There's plenty of opportunity for everyone. A boat isn't required either. Fish from shore, a dock or pier or a boat if you get invited.
   Fishing will improve your outlook, help you relax and can involve the entire family.

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