Monday, September 26, 2011

Recent surgery beginning to improve

   Sorry for being so inactive. This recent rotator cuff surgery has really kept me down and not doing much at all.
   These days life consists of going to therapy then resting most of the day. Lately I have been throwing some walking into the mix but that is it.
   Besides physical problems, I've been plagued by a variety of woes that are computer related. PC to be specific. Mine is three years old and the manufacture already says I'm out of date and need to purchase something newer.
   Enter the world of Apple. Friday I took the plunge and purchased a new Macbook and printer. You don't want to know the cost.
   But I'm told by those that have Mac's, after a brief adjustment to a different format, they are wonderful to work with. And there are no or very few problems requiring calls to tech support.
   That's one thing I'm looking forward to. Every time I turn my PC on I'm on the phone with tech support to get it resolved. Sometimes they do and other times I just put up with the way it functions.
   This isn't an ad for Mac's. If you are computer literate-I'm not-I suppose the PC is still a good thing. I need something that works when I turn it on without trying to figure out what is wrong.
   I don't play any games on the computer only write, put my photos on it and do a tiny bit of Internet-based research. Then I'm off.
   Sounds simple doesn't it? I hope it will be.

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  1. Glad your getting better Roger. Always look forward to your posts.