Thursday, September 15, 2011

Stumbling along with the rotator cuff re-hab

   I know it's hardly two weeks since surgery but the pain is still pretty intense. This is all due to torn rotator cuff surgery performed August 31.
   There have been lots of changes since. Because I'm right handed and the right arm was involved I've had to learn to depend on the left side a lot.
   Add to that the near impossibility of sleeping in bed due to the pain, it's been a struggle. I'm grateful for the Lazy Boy I've been using nightly but it's hardly a good sleep.
   Physical therapy began this past Monday. That's added an entirely new dimension to all of this. Namely pain-you know the feeling by now-with some of the movement, to soreness the following day.
   Plenty of icing and rest help some. But I wish it would all go away. Sunday morning, the day before I was to begin therapy I took a hard fall.
   Fortunately, my left side caught the brunt of it. I had to lie on the kitchen floor for awhile trying to figure out if I had further damaged my already healing arm.
   So about all I could do as far as chasing salmon from the kayak this year was talk to some of the guys while they were having a great pot luck lunch at Glen Arbor, site of the Salmon Slam.
   Then, today, I was able to read some of the comments at they had posted about the event.
   And here I thought I was the only one looking forward to next year. Now, just to get this arm re-habbed and back in working order. All in time, as they say.
   Typing brings with it more pain and discomfort than I thought I would have. I've been trying to spread it out, doing it bit by bit.
   If kayaks and fishing for salmon interest you, catch the comments at and watch for my column this Sunday in the Oakland Press.

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