Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sept. 11

   It seems almost every generation has their own 9-11. There were both the world wars, Pearl Harbor, Korea, Viet Nam and so forth.
   For us, not only is the date important; one we treat with reverence and remember each year for all of the sacrifices and deaths that occurred that day and the days following, but also for how the world has changed so drastically since.
   Now we take our shoes off at the airport and go through long lines of security checks. In some parts of the country we can no longer fish or hunt in certain places. Think around the Ambassador Bridge and other areas that are security risks.
   In Grayling, we used to drive through the National Guard base and out the backside to get to a cabin called Chimney Burn on the Manistee River. Today, there is the ever present metal, chain link fencing to keep unauthorized folks out.
   As the date approaches, we learn more and more about what happened that day that changed history. As each year goes by, newer, behind-the-scenes-stories emerge.
   This is good in that it keeps the date and event right out in front of us, always a constant reminder of what happened on a fall day ten years ago.

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