Monday, September 5, 2011

Rotator cuff surgery, successul? That depends.

   My shoulder surgery went well, insofar as the surgeon is concerned. As for me all was fine until late Wednesday evening when the pain bloc, applied prior to surgery and designed to last a few days, somehow pulled out of my neck.
   This bloc slowly administers pain medicine into the nerve that controls the shoulder, arm, hand, etc. Once it came out, the pain started to show it's face.
   Reached by phone, my surgeon, Shivajee Nallamothu, D.O. told me what oral medicine to use and that he would see me in his office. "I'm back in at 6 in the morning," the cheerful doc said.
   Since then, the pain has gotten more intense requiring a trip to the ER for a shot then home for sleep. I see Nallamothu tomorrow in his office.
   Prior to this procedure I had been told by others how painful these tend to be. Further, you are in a sling for about a month then rehab for four months, give or take.
   I can attest to the pain. It's right there lingering 24-7. My hope, my plan is to dedicate these next many weeks to making this as successful an outcome as possible. I'm hoping through re-hab, the arm will come back stronger and healthier than it was in the first place.
   Besides, I need to get ready for kayak fishing, fly fishing, small game hunting, and on and on. Stay healthy!

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