Friday, September 9, 2011

Remembering Sept. 11

   Sept. 11, 2011 was a warm, sunny day with a blue bird sky. Lake Sty. Clair near Nine Mile Road was as flat as a pool table. And we had found some perch.
   I was fishing with Tom Fury and his brother, Joe. We had been driving the boat around a certain portion of the lake where we had caught fish in the past.
   We finally located them; nice ones too. Although we didn't limit out, we each had a respectable bag of fish by the time we pulled the lines and headed to the dock. All three of us had to be at work later that day.
   It seemed strange that for the beautiful fall day we had, there weren' many boats on the water. If memory serves me correctly, ours was the only one.
 Even those blue bird skies seemed to asking, "where are all the planes?" We had seen little or no aircraft in quite sometime and then when we did it was military.
   Passing it off as some sort of exercise out of Selfridge A.N.G. Base in Mt. Clemons we didn't think too much of it.
   A short run later and we were dockside cleaning the boat up, loading rods and other equipment in our cars and then saying goodbyes before heading out.
   The first I knew anything was wrong I heard leaving the parking lot. Instead of getting my regular DJ on WOMC, I had the voice of one of the national news anchors talking about a plane that had struck the World Trade Center.
   What seemed to be a short time later and this reporter was saying a second plane had hit another tower. Now I am on Jefferson driving in a sort of fog. Like I was in another body or life.
   I listened all the way north on I-75 heading toward Davisburg. My main thought was that the country was under attack and I needed to get home and protect me wife.
   Like the Kennedy assignation or going further back in time, the events of Pearl Harbor, those of us that can will remember this day forever.
   It's one of those historical memories that we wish hadn't occurred.

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