Thursday, November 3, 2011

Cold weather and the rut

   There still seems to be a lot of discussion as to where cold weather brings on the rut. That's the time of the year does are ready to receive bucks.
   Bucks lose all sense of caution during this time. You are liable to see them just about anywhere following a group of does or alone, waiting for one to come by.
   In any event, they lose all of their brains and truly through caution to the wind. Normally, a buck will hole up and hang around the really thick stuff especially areas around swamps. You'll seldom see them.
   But once the rut is on, it's every buck for himself. Being in the woods from now on through the Nov. 15 opener is a good time to see a nice set a horns and get a shot.
   Be careful, especially when hunting from a treestand. Remember to haul your bow and arrows up after you get on the stand.
   Stay buckled in so if you should slip or fall it won't be far and you can gain the stand with relative ease. Be sure your harness is one that supports you upright without cutting off your wind.
   And always hunt with someone and be sure to let others know where you'll be and when you will return.
Safe hunting!

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